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1. 考察介绍

  • 出发: 成都理工大学
  • 前往: Heye village, Shuanghe town, Changning county, Yibin, Southern Sichuan
  • 距离成都的距离: 352公里
  • 预计行程时间: 50小时40分钟

Figure 1: Location of the section in Heye village, Shuanghe town, Changning county, Yibin, Sichuan

B. Brief Introduction of the Shuanghe Section

Shuanghe outcrop is a standard marine shale section including Shizi Mountain to Yanzi Village and Shuanghe to Lingxiqiao ourcrops. There are four formations, ie Baota and Wufeng Formations of Upper Ordovician, and Longmaxi and Lingxiqiao Formations of Lower Silurian. Wufeng and Longmaxi Formations are the key intervals of this section. The entire section is divided into 12 intervals based lithology. Wufeng Formation is divided into graptolite shale and Guanyinqiao intervals in the lower and upper part respectively. Longmaxi Formation is subdivided into eight lithologic intervals.